Ev"s New (to hime) House

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Camera!

Well we got a new camera. Thanks to selling our old broken cameras on Ebay we were able to get a new one. Isn 't Ebay wonderful. Here are some latest of the boys.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a day!!!

Well I had to share my day with everybody. I am sure I can provide everyone with some comic relief.
It started out yesterday actually. Mini (AKA Emmett) came down with a fever of 104˚ about 7am. He was up most of the night so I start my day with little sleep. Woke this morning with mini still having the fever so called doctor and said to bring him in. I try to get Everette off to school only to be 5 minutes late and the principle meeting me at the door. I should have gotten the hint then that today was not going to be my best day. So off we head to Ames to the doctors when on my way a truck passed me in the on coming lane and threw up a very large rock hitting my windshield. Scared me half to death. So much I had to pull over and collect myself. The truck had pulled off on a dirt road and disappeared. I didn't notice any company markings but did see his load was uncovered. My nerves were a little unsettled to say the least. I pulled back on the road and continued on my way when I went over rail road tracks and the crack proceeded to spread to the end of the glass which made me nervous. I thought for sure I was going to be wearing my windshield at any moment. Thank goodness Will got out of his meeting and calmed me down and told me what to do. He also reassured me that I would be wearing my windshield either. He is so patient. On the outside there is also a chunk of glass missing and dirt lodged in where the rock actually hit. And no of course our insurance does not cover it so another thing out of our pocket. Gotta love our insurance company.

We then proceeded onto the doctor's office to see what is wrong with mini. After giving blood and waiting for results we came out with the result of a viral infection and we have to let it run its course.

I go to the school to pick up Everette and he comes out with bare feet. Snow-pants and coat but nothing on his feet. Yes, you read correctly. BARE FEET!! I turned him around and marched him back in to find his substitute teacher. She says "Oh I didn't notice." I said, "How in the world could you not notice? It is winter out!" she just gathered up her purse and proceeded to leave. Meanwhile he is carry his lunch box which is oozing red juice from lunch. Leaving a trail every where he walks. I go in the room to find out he was wearing boots from the office because he couldn't find his. Where were his boots? Hanging in his cubby. He proceeded to tell me that he has not been wearing any socks or shoes since last recesses. Not sure when last recess was but in his backpack he has extra socks and shoes. So to wrap up he has at school, three pairs of shoes (counting PE shoes) 2 pairs of socks, extra hat and mittens. He still manages to come out with bare feet in the winter in Iowa. Oh did I mention? I never did find a sock. I did find one sock in his lunch box. WHO KNOWS!!

Now to top this wonderful day off I think I got food poisoned from a KFC snack wrap I had for a quick lunch. As I sit here typing I am very sick to my stomach and feel like I am about to die.

The night is still young so anything can happen yet........