Ev"s New (to hime) House

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Boys Get To Camp On The Living Room Floor

Mom is chipping and mudding all the cracks in the boys room so their room currently looks like this. Full of dust and only their bunk bed in the room.
We dragged their mattress downstairs and put them in the living room. Dad told them that since it was summer they could stay up and watch TV. They just had to remember to shut it off before they fell asleep. Mom had him say it twice because she couldn't believe what he said. They were so excited. Well at 4 am mom came down and shut off the TV and they were both sound alseep. (why were we up at 4 am? The storm woke up Mackay.) Emmett fell asleep pretty quickly but we have no idea how late Everette was up for. They both slept in till 9 this morning. Yep, 9 am. Mom and dad however were up at 4 am.
Well mom isn't quit done yet so tonight they get to have another slumber party in the living room. Those lucky ducks.