Ev"s New (to hime) House

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Project

My old planner started ripping out at the seams. I priced a new one and was shocked on how expensive they are. I had gotten this one on clearance about mid-year about 2 years ago. I have to admit I have inherited my father's attitude "Oh I can make that for cheaper." So after I priced out what the cost of a new planner was going to be that is exactly what I said standing in the store staring at the new bland planners.
So I came home and used the fabric I had here and made myself a new one.

Here is the old! Used as pattern and three ring insides.
And here is the new one!
I also made some new envlopes to out in it for our cash budget. I just took an old envlope and used it as a pattern on some scrapbook paper. Taped it, punched some holes, and added some velcro to keep them closed.