Ev"s New (to hime) House

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Grammy Beach's Lilac Trees Get A Hair Cut

2 weekends ago Will and I gave Grammy's lilac trees a haircut and cleaned out all the leaves from under them. They were starting to take over her clothes line and hanging out into the alley. Well get to the point you say. When we were done we had a very large pile of sticks. Nice green bendable sticks. I kept looking at the sticks and decided to take a bundle home with me for a craft project. I know Grammy was shaking her head but she amused me.
My original plan was to make a 'B' to add to my collection out on the front porch. (that is another story on how that started). I am going to add twine to the joints to spice it up a bit.

Well as I sat there looking at my pile I knew I could do more with them. So I took a wreath I had in the basement I got for .19 after christmas last year and made this. Now I have to get another wreath and make one more for the other side to balance them. I think it needs some red or something too but haven't been out to the store yet.
(Try not to look at the reflection of my sexy outfit of sweats and slippers.
I was holding Mackay and he also amused me. )
My final project was a very simple one. I just cut down a bunch and stuck them in a vase. Everette thinks they need rocks on the bottom so he has been picking up little pebbles on his walk home after school.
Well of course Ev had to get into the act of making some art too so he made his own out of a stick he went and found from our christmas tree.
I still have a pile of sticks left sitting out on the deck so you might see an update to this post with something new I create. Or if you have any ideas shoot them my way. To my siblings, REAL ideas. I can hear those gears grinding and those comments are just not welcomed. Ha! Of course if anyone wants some of my special art sticks, I am more than willing to share too.