Ev"s New (to hime) House

Friday, March 28, 2008

Life just doesn't slow down!



After a week in Texas visiting my sister we came home and Emmett got sick. We ended up having to spend the night in the hospital with him for dehydration. It was ok when he was sick but once he started feeling better it was hard to keep him down. He earned the nickname Houdini since he was able to pull out his first IV when the nurses said they were used to it and they would make it so he couldn't. He did, so they ended up putting his arm in like a cast with a splint to keep him from pulling out the second IV. Even then he would keep pulling at the tape stuff they wrapped it all in. Getting blood from him was a challenge also. It took 2 people to actually get it. We are home now and you can tell he is feeling better. He is back to his feisty self. The little man did end up loosing 4 pounds which is a big deal since he is underweight as it is. the boy is 18 months and now only weighs 18 pounds.

Everette is doing great in school (academic wise). I am amazed what they learn in Kindergarten these days. He can read and write already and doing a little math. We taught him how to tie his shoes which he is so proud of. Now if we can just get him to listen to his teachers and cooperate we will be all set. At least his visits to the principles office have decreased. He was a hoot when Emmett was sick. He was so afraid that Emmett was going to throw up on him. I don't think I have ever seen someone disappear so fast before. He wouldn't even go near Emmett. Even now he still is very cautious. That boy will never be a doctor that is for sure.

The house has very little progress done on it. We added a few more sheets of drywall and mudded but that is about it. Hopefully this summer we can make more progress.