Ev"s New (to hime) House

Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Gift

I had to share this really really cute baby gift our greatest friend Lisa Ailshie made for us. (Try to see past the patched wall,it needs to be painted yet.) I screwed the branch right to the wall so it 3-D art. I thought it was too cute to not share. The birds are fabric and it is just a real branch.

The weekend

Sunday we went up to our Uncle Bills and helped him clean out his garden. When I say 'clean out' I mean, take home good eats for us this winter. We came home with about 60 pounds of tomatoes and 42 bags of corn. I am in the process of making pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce to can. Here are a bunch of pictures of the awesome process they have to cut corn off the ear very effectively.

With this base of board with 2 super long nails to hold the corn. They put pans on the side or scrap the corn into.
They cook the corn for 3 minutes in their outdoor turkey fryer.
Here is Will and Aunt Pat showing us their corn cutting skills. When we were all done we we just hosed everything down. What a quick and easy way with easy clean up. We then packed the corn in a cooler with dry ice and took it all home with us.

Uncle Bill then fried a turkey in his big fryer. I had to go grab the camera since you always see how people blow everything up doing this. Uncle Bill told us the key is to drop the turkey in really really slow. It was the juiciest turkey we had ever eaten.

Well were are the boys you ask! Well Ev was reading science books and watching TV while sun soaking in the house in front of the window. Mackay was sleeping and Emmett was Playing with his cars.
Here is Emmett. Can you see him?
How about now?