Ev"s New (to hime) House

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everette's Big Night!

We had the pine wood derby tonight for cub scouts and he placed second for the tiger cubs. He also earned a few badges and several beads. He did very well with losing and didn't mind that his car wasn't as high tech or fancy as the others. He was very proud of his creation and had a lot of fun watching the others race their cars. For our first Pine Wood Derby I thought it went very well and we learned a little for next year. Some of the boys or should say parents got very technical. They oil their tires and tested which side ran fastest and etc. Our challenge this time was Emmett, he wanted all the cars and wasn't very happy that he couldn't have them.

These are a few of the boys from my pack. They earned their badges for a lot memorizing and participating. That is Diana standing in the back. She is our Den leader and a superwoman. I don't know how she juggles everyone and everything.
Everette with his trophy and Emmett with his car. Everette gave his car to his brother so he doesn't feel left out and he gets something too. I had to laugh at his shirt because that is how a lot of my school pictures look.
Everette's First race. He lost to the first place winner.