Ev"s New (to hime) House

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Will's Night off

Will needed a break so off to the football game I sent him. I thought I would post his nightly blog for him. He has been working like a mad man trying to get things done around here. Yeaterday they got the tub in the bathroom with a lot of sweat and pain. Worked on plumbing and drywall. Floor is layed and ready for vanity.

Today Will worked on plumbing for the new bathroom and tried to put in the new vanity only to be unsuccesful due to discovering that it was broken when we opened the box. Have to exchange it so put off for another day. Got tar paper around our new bathroom and worked on small odds and ends. We can't just make a quick trip anywhere anymore so any time we need to run some where it takes half the day. Chuck and my dad left today so now he is on his own. Grammy and papa Beach came down for the day so got some more help around the house. My mom worked her magic in the kitchen and got it cleaned and more useable for us.

Everette decided that he needed to mark our house for pirates to find us so now we have Xs in black permanant marker in various places outside the house including on the front screen door. Yesterday he saw the new toilet sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be put in so he thought he would test it out. Funny thing is no one noticed until Chuck went to put it in and smelled something foul. We had been walking in and out of the kitchen and no one saw him do it. Ev said, "That sure is a nice toilet. That will be great!" Never a dull moment.

I am also posting some pitcures of the newest mini-Beach. He looks just like Ev did when Ev was a baby. It is amazing. He is now 1 week and 1 day old. He is a little more alert each day. He is a very good baby. Everette is warming up to his baby brother and is starting to really take a lot of interest.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another busy day...

Cant find the camera cable at the moment and I'm too tired to look too hard. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, but I aint doing no thousand words either.
Got the new kitchen area pretty well cleared out today, no more walls or sink blocking way, old bathroom and pantry are now part of it. Alot of water supply plumbing done today and thank heavens this house has 2 baths, since we removed one and havent quite finished up a new one yet. That old basement shower is a lifesaver too.
A new kitchen window went in today too. We recycled one window from the kitchen to the new bath as well, Chris Hobbs, if you're reading this, I think I have a stained glass project for you.

Those good ol' boys from down south know their stuff, the stuff they've gotten done in this week, would have taken me a months on my own.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deconstruction and Construction...

Another day tearing down and putting up. The dumpster came today too, nice to clean stuff out of the yard.
Tearing into the kitchen walls. That lathe and plaster can make a mess.

Here's the old porch turning into a bath. Had to jack up the one side a bit. Replaced a rotted end joist with a pressure treated one. Got alot of copper sweated in, til we ran out. Had to make a run to Menards for more and of course missed a visiting Lisa and Steve while there. They might as well make that tubing out of gold since the copper is getting so expensive.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tearing into things...

Started tearing into things today. Good thing we got some good people around who know what they're doing, probably take me a month to do what we did today, they dive right in, I usually spend too much time second guessing things. Had originally planned to do an entry door off the pantry area, but since wall space is limited in the kitchen we decided to put in the french doors off the dining room, eventually we'll have to stick a deck on the back.



Sunday, October 01, 2006

The new addition...

Emmett Charles joined the family, in person, on Friday morning and we're very pleased to have him. We got to come home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, since both Mama and baby are doing so well. Surprisingly, not much more than at day a the hospital, guess the older brother cleared the pathway pretty well for the younger. It is nice to be home, just a couple weeks ago we were wondering if we'd be writing a license plate number for a home address by the time the baby came. It all worked out, it usually does, God is always taking care of us.

We got ourselves a family here...

A note on the washing machine.
Setting a washing machine on a pad is no good. Its liable to fly thru a wall on the spin cycle. Setting it directly on the concrete its spinning without a sound and hardly a vibration.