Ev"s New (to hime) House

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventures with Apples

Been awhile since I took my turn with posting to the blog, of course it's much easier for me to do with great (tasting) subject matter, namely fresh picked apples.

Our neighbor was kind enough to offer up whatever we could get from his tree. Its a tall old tree with almost all of the two kinds of apples just out of reach of my fingertips, that's right, one tree, two kinds, cool huh?

After a couple of jumping/long stretching attempts to pull off some of lower ones. I noticed Ev on the trampoline watching me with mild interest. Hmmmm...Two options there at my disposal. Ev or trampoline? I could get some serious air off the trampoline and reach some of the choicest pickings plus have a fun time doing it, but I'd probably end up tearing up myself and the tree and most certainly give Ev some ideas that he doesnt need from me, I'm sure he'll get enough of his own without my help. Ev it is and I wave him over. He's more than happy to climb right up, sit on my shoulders and get a couple more. Still most of them are out of reach. We try him standing on the shoulders but that doesnt last too long, since I loose some hair when he starts to loose his balance. Ladders are probably the best option.

Adventures with Apples - How many ways can you eat apples in a couple of days?
(Picture story)
Mmmm... Apple pie and ice cream for breakfast, if that doesnt jump start the day I dont know what will.

Nan's homemade applesauce. Sweetened kind (Sorry, Chad, that's better hot then the unsweetened) with the new secret ingredient, Mt. Dew.

Can't believe there's actually leftovers of fresh, warm applesauce, but that is good, my helper and I want to try fruit leather.

This will be in the dehydrator overnite, so we'll have to share the results tomorrow.

The apple peeler/corer saves a ton of time and its clean cuts reduce alot of waste.