Ev"s New (to hime) House

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A little Helper

I had a helper today as I panted the kitchen. I'm sure he thought he was getting a way with something . You can just tell in the eyes and in that smile. It didn't last very long before it started getting ugly. Paint on the floor, himself and anything within his reach. I couldn't take a picture because I was too busy running after him and then putting him in the tub. He had fun though and that is what matters. Right?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Life is too busy.....

Well we got our bedroom sanded, textured sprayed and painted. Whew. It looks great so now we have moved onto the kitchen walls. Ever wonder why people don't like doing home improvements to the major rooms in their homes? Come visit us and you will see why.

Our new bedroom color.

Everette has come down with a nasty virus this week so operating on little sleep and cluttered house. Emmett loves taking his clothes off. He was pleased as can be when Gigi sent 2 rompers with velcro. He loves striping them off and running around in his diapers. Sorry Gigi but I guess you made them too easy. I can't keep the things on him.

Willy is making progress on the roof. He is getting braver and braver. Also it makes him feel older and older. One side done (well almost) now only 3 more to go.

Disney Vacation

Well our trip to Disney went well. We went with my sister Abby and her 3 kids. It was almost too much for the kids to take in when we first got there on Saturday. We then learned that since we could come and go as we wanted we try to hit the a park in the am and then go back to resort and swim, shower and eat. Than we would go back to another park in the evening. That seemed to work well for us. I would not recommend anyone go when school gets done. Sooooo many people and add that with the heat it just isn't that fun.

Here are some photos of our trip. Everette said his favorite part of the trip was the 'Earth' ride at Epoct and meeting the characters and getting their autographs. He also says to say that building your own light saber and seeing Darth Vador was really cool.

We waited 2 hours in line so the kids could do this.

Everette and his light sabar that was bigger than he is. His cousin Aidan didn't like that he is now related to a Sith.

This is just one of the many Characters we got to see. Of course we had to wait in long lines each time with the Characters taking a break every 15 minutes making the wait longer. We all hoped that Disney paid them well because standing in a big furry costume in 100˚ weather wouldn't be worth it to me.