Ev"s New (to hime) House

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dad and Mom's Halloween

This year we were invited to a Halloween party. We thought we would just go for about an hour and not dress up. Well while I was out that morning with the mudder-in-law I decided that after our month we really needed to do something fun. So I decided that we were going to dress up and came up with the idea of being flys. I came home and informed Willy that we were dressing up. He must really love me because he put it on without to many complaints. It turned out we were the last to leave the party and had a blast. Will even bobbed for apples in his bug eyes. What a sport.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween '07

You may recall sometime ago that we had a rather unfortunate event when that cursed pirate called "Black Everette" happened upon our humble abode. If you dare, you can read about that tale here. That was a dark day indeed for all of us, but we lived and now story continues...

In the days , weeks, aye and the months too, that followed that day of terror, many among us hunted that pirate across many seas to lands of paradise and other places... places I'd rather not remember. The pirate eluded us though, rumors we heard in waters, and whispers in the wind, but he was always some little ways ahead of us.

Until a fortnight ago, when storm rose up from the depths, a storm that Davey Jones himself probably rode, most likely to raise the count of poor souls already entombed in his locker. Perhaps, Davey came forth with this storm of all storms to capture that one he most wanted, the one we wanted, that Black Pirate called Everette. Fortunately for us we happened to be moored safely at shore when the storm came, but we heard rumors that the storm swallowed Black Everette's treasure-ladden ship, though many claim Black Everette himself escaped the terrible sea that night.

And that brings us to the tale of this night when we finally found that shipwreck and the treasure it held. Such a feat could not have been accomplished without the courage of our two hardiest sailor-divers. These two brave souls rode the lines into the depths of those turbulent seas to seek out a treasure that would make old King Midas himself tremble. That treasure Black Everette had thought to have for himself. Chocolately treasures, with the richness of caramel hidden inside them and others with nutty and cookie delights only revealed after that first nibble.

We gorged ourselves upon these treasures, wonderful, sugary treasures. Feasted until our teeths screamed for mercy and our stomachs wrenched at the mere sight of a lowly tootsie roll. That treasure feast gave us power and vigor, such that we could carry on til dawn, laughing and screaming and howling at the moon.

Unfortunately our Captain would have none of it, that one we call "Mama" would not have us carry on this way, tearing the ship to shreds in our wild glee. So we yielded and went to our bunks, dreaming of the next time we would find a treasure of such sweet delights.

See now those brave divers...