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Monday, October 28, 2013

Its been a couple of years!!!

Wow, so its been a while since we posted here huh. Will and I were talking about this little blog last night and I honestly forgot about it and then someone mentioned if I was ever going to post on here again. OOPS!
Well we have done a few things since the last post. The garage is all painted and re-roofed. Still working on the garage door. I went and got one off from Craig's list. Well I thought I would try and save us some bucks but in the end I think I made Will cuss and it doesn't work so I have to special order one.
We laid some new flooring in the kitchen and hallway and we love it. Ok so this would make the third floor for the kitchen but hey, who is counting right?
We got new carpet in the upstairs.
So you may be asking, why in the world didn't we just refinish them? Well there was very wide spaces between each board which allowed lots and lots of dirt to collect. For this OCD gal the vacuuming of those grooves would kill me every time. Also there were big chucks cut out and something else put in and they didn't match at all. It was always cold up there and the squeaky floor boards about put me over the edge sometimes. There was NO sneaking in to check on the boys at night. The carpet was easier, cheaper and make the whole upstairs warmer and quieter which makes me happy.

Will have to find my House pictures CD before I can post more so I can have some before and after pictures.  Have a wonderful week. (hopefully not another year or two!)

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